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10 Fascinating Facts About Ladybugs

10 Fascinating Facts About Ladybugs Who doesnt love a ladybug? Otherwise called ladybirds or woman insects, the little red bugs are so cherished in light of the fact that they are valuable predators, brightly biting on garden vermin, for example, aphids. Be that as it may, ladybugs arent truly bugs by any stretch of the imagination. They have a place with the request Coleoptera, which incorporates the entirety of the creepy crawlies. Europeans have called these vault upheld bugs by the name ladybirds, or ladybird creepy crawlies, for more than 500 years. In America, the name ladybug is liked; researchers for the most part utilize the regular name woman creepy crawly for precision. 1. Not All Ladybugs Are Black and Red Despite the fact that ladybugs (called Coccinellidae) are frequently red or yellow with dark dabs, about each shade of the rainbow is found in certain types of ladybug, regularly in differentiating sets. The most widely recognized are red and dark or yellow and dark, however some are as plain as highly contrasting, others as intriguing as dull blue and orange. A few types of ladybug are spotted, others have stripes, and still others sport a checked example. There are 4,300 distinct types of ladybugs, 400 of which live in North America. Shading designs are associated with their living quarters: generalists that live practically anyplace have genuinely straightforward examples of two strikingly various hues that they wear all year. Others that live in explicit territories have progressively complex shading, and some can change shading consistently. Master ladybugs utilize a cover hue to coordinate the vegetation when theyre in hibernation and build up the trademark splendid hues to caution off predators during their mating season. 2. The Name Lady Refers to the Virgin Mary As indicated by legend, European crops during the Middle Ages were tormented by bugs. Ranchers started petitioning the Blessed Lady, the Virgin Mary. Before long, the ranchers began seeing advantageous ladybugs in their fields, and the harvests were phenomenally spared from the vermin. The ranchers started considering the red and dark creepy crawlies our ladys feathered creatures or woman scarabs. In Germany, these bugs pass by the name Marienkafer, which implies Mary bugs. The seven-spotted woman scarab is accepted to be the first named for the Virgin Mary; the red shading is said to speak to her shroud, and the dark spots her seven distresses. 3. Ladybug Defenses Include Bleeding Knees and Warning Colors Surprise a grown-up ladybug and aâ foul-smelling hemolymph will leak from its leg joints, leaving yellow stains on a superficial level beneath. Potential predators might be stopped by the abominable smelling blend of alkaloidsâ and similarly spurned by seeing an apparently wiped out creepy crawly. Ladybug hatchlings can likewise overflow alkaloids from their midsections. In the same way as other different creepy crawlies, ladybugs use aposematic tinge to flag their harmfulness to would-be predators. Bug eating feathered creatures and different creatures figure out how to stay away from dinners that come in red and dark and are bound to avoid a ladybug lunch. 4. Ladybugs Live for About a Year <img information srcset= 300w, 526w, 752w, 1205w information src= src=//:0 alt=Ladybug hatchling on leaf class=lazyload information click-tracked=true information img-lightbox=true information expand=300 id=mntl-sc-square image_1-0-16 information following container=true />  David Bithell/Getty Imagesâ The ladybug lifecycle starts when a group of brilliant yellow eggs are laid on branches close to food sources. They incubate as hatchlings in four to 10 days and afterward go through around three weeks taking care of up-the most punctual appearances may eat a portion of the eggs that have not yet brought forth. Once theyre all around took care of, theyll start to construct a pupa, and following seven to 10 days they rise as grown-ups. The creepy crawlies ordinarily live for about a year. 5. Ladybug Larvae Resemble Tiny Alligators <img information srcset= 300w, 727w, 1154w, 2008w information src= src=//:0 alt=Larval phase of a 2 spot ladybird (Adalia bipunctata) eating a leaf class=lazyload information click-tracked=true information img-lightbox=true information expand=300 id=mntl-sc-square image_1-0-20 information following container=true />  © Jackie Bale/Getty Images In the event that youre new to ladybug hatchlings, you would most likely never surmise that these odd animals are youthful ladybugs. Like crocs in smaller than normal, they have since quite a while ago, pointed midsections, spiked bodies, and legs that distend from their sides. The hatchlings take care of and develop for about a month, and during this stage they frequently devour several aphids. 6. Ladybugs Eat a Tremendous Number of Insects <img information srcset= 300w, 755w, 1210w, 2121w information src= src=//:0 alt=Seven-spotted Ladybug (Coccinella septempunctata) grown-up eating Aphids class=lazyload information click-tracked=true information img-lightbox=true information expand=300 id=mntl-sc-square image_1-0-24 information following container=true /> Bill Draker/Getty Imagesâ Practically all ladybugs feed on delicate bodied creepy crawlies and fill in as useful predators of plant bugs. Plant specialists greet ladybugs wholeheartedly, realizing they will chomp on the most productive plant bothers. Ladybugs love to eat scale bugs, whiteflies, parasites, and aphids. As hatchlings, they eat bothers by the hundreds. A ravenous grown-up ladybug can eat up 50 aphids for every day, and researchers gauge that the creepy crawly devours upwards of 5,000 aphids over its lifetime. 7. Ranchers Use Ladybugs to Control Other Insects Since ladybugs have for some time been known to eat the plant specialists pestilent aphids and different bugs, there have been numerous endeavors to utilize ladybugs to control these bugs. The principal endeavor and one of the best was in the late 1880s, when an Australian ladybug (Rodolia cardinalis) was brought into California to control the cottony pad scale. The examination was costly, yet in 1890, the orange yield in California significantly increased. Not every single such test work. After the California orange achievement, more than 40 diverse ladybug species were acquainted with North America, however just four species were effectively settled. The best triumphs have helped ranchers control scale creepy crawlies and mealybugs. Orderly aphid control is infrequently fruitful on the grounds that aphids recreate significantly more quickly than ladybugs do. 8. There Are Ladybug Pests You may have by and by encountered the impacts of one of the natural control analyzes that had unintended outcomes. The Asian or harlequin ladybug (Harmonia axyridis) was acquainted with the United States during the 1980s and is presently the most widely recognized ladybug in numerous pieces of North America. While it depressed the aphid populace in some yield frameworks, it likewise caused decreases in local types of other aphid-eaters. The North American ladybug isn't imperiled at this point, however its general numbers have diminished, and a few researchers accept that is the aftereffect of harlequin rivalry. Some other negative impacts are likewise connected with harlequins. In pre-fall, the ladybug prepares for its winter torpidity period by feasting on natural product, explicitly ready grapes. Since they mix in with the organic product, the ladybug gets gathered with the yield, and if the winemakers dont dispose of the ladybugs, the awful taste of the knee drain will corrupt the vintage. H. axyridis additionally prefer to over-winter in houses, and a few houses are attacked in every year by hundreds, thousands, or even a huge number of ladybugs. Their knee-draining ways can recolor furniture, and they incidentally nibble individuals. 9

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Three Information Technology Systems Assignment

Three Information Technology Systems - Assignment Example Having the option to associate data over numerous stages makes an effective situation for combatting wrongdoing. Presentation In today’s period of data innovation and in the different structures of database manifestations, individuals from law requirement locate that realizing how to use any number of research strategies will incredibly help with discovering data on lawbreakers being looked for different wrongdoings. Criminal databases are additionally a significant apparatus in figuring out what territories of a city, state or in the country, require an increasingly vigorous police nearness so as to hold crime down to a sensible level (Hunter and Barker 2011). As a major aspect of preparing for any cop and for investigators directing any sort of criminal research exercises, seeing how every database works and the quest rules required for each, is basic for achievement in finding and distinguishing explicit individuals who might be associated with criminal conduct. Three datab ase frameworks are examined in this paper: the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS), the National Crime Victimization Survey database (NCVS), and the Crime Mapping framework (Cordner and Scarborough 2010). 1. There are various ways that these database frameworks are utilized by law requirement offices inside a network policing project to help with holding down crime. It is significant for each network to have some sort of mapping framework which can show what crime has been occurring over different timespans. In numerous occasions, the police office for some random city will probably get to state data so as to penetrate down to a city’s data rules and along these lines, to calibrate that data to an area or network (Mazerolle, Bellucci and Gajewski 2005). The state is the primary concern of access for a data concerning statistics information, land use information, Department of Motor Vehicles information, and whatever other information that would regu larly be required by a state to keep up in some database. From the statewide passageway, the city police division may decide to have an expert database creator come in to make a framework that can get to the state data and join it with city data so as to have the option to make explicit pictures or maps of where wrongdoing has been increasingly dynamic, for example, in number of thefts over a predefined timeframe. This sort of mapping is likewise valuable in deciding rush hour gridlock issues that may happen in different spots in the network in view of standards concerning time of day and even the day of the week (Mazerolle, Bellucci and Gajewski 2005). On account of the IAFIS framework which connects to a national database, the utilization of the framework assists with recognizing lawbreakers who might be going over various urban areas and even into various states while perpetrating violations en route (FBI 20130. In the event that a criminal has been gotten once en route and been fingerprinted before being placed in prison, when he gets out and perpetrates more wrongdoings, he is effectively recognized, secured and set back in prison. While a few hoodlums have not been gotten at this point, their fingerprints at wrongdoing scenes will be held and appended to the wrongdoing so that if at any point captured, the wrongdoing will come up in the database and the criminal at long last

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Liam O’Flaherty and The Anglo-Irish War Essay Essays

Liam O’Flaherty and The Anglo-Irish War Essay Essays Liam O’Flaherty and The Anglo-Irish War Essay Liam O’Flaherty and The Anglo-Irish War Essay Liam O’Flaherty ( 1896-1984 ) Served in the Irish Guards of the British Army from 19151917 Suffered genuine hurt from a bomb impact in Belgium ; was released because of discouragement. Following WWI. voyage broadly and built up a universe position dependent on atheism. socialism. what's more, the feeling that Ireland ought to be an autonomous state Liam O’Flaherty ( 1896-1984 ) Joined the Irish Republican Army to drive for Irish independency. Contradicted the 1921 agreement that made Ireland a part of the British Commonwealth. Composed 13 books somewhere in the range of 1923 and 1976. a considerable lot of which concentrated on the impacts of war. insurgency. what's more, cultural choppiness in Ireland. Old English Irish War †Origins The Easter Rising took topographic point on 24 April. 1916 in Dublin. Ireland. The Irish Republican Brotherhood ( IRB ) effectively induced an ascent of around 1. 600 Rebels. which was quickly squashed by Crown ( British ) powers. The treatment of the Rebels. in any case. made mass comprehension and the impacts of this disobedience are still felt in Irish and universal political relations. The Anglo-Irish War 1919: The Irish Parliament. lead by Eamon de Valera and Michael Collins. pronounced Ireland a free territory. The Irish Republic ground powers propelled guerrilla fighting during the Irish War of Independence Old English Irish War †1920 March - Thomas McCurtain. Master Mayor of Cork was shot in forepart of his family unit by British powers. October - His substitution. Terence McSwiney. kicks the bucket following a 74-day craving work stoppage. 1 November - Kevin Barry. a 18-year-old clinical student. was hanged for his segment in an ambuscade he took parcel in when he was 16. 21 November - Collins’s ‘Squad’ murdered 14 individuals from a choose British covert specialist bunch known as the ‘Cairo Gang’ . Retribution was taken by Crown powers. who terminated on the group in Croke Park. 12 individuals were executed and 60 injured. Later that flushing. two IRA work powers and one unpracticed individual grown-up male were shot ‘while escaping’ - truth be told. they were walked into the jail patio and advised to run. what's more, when they rejected they were shot in the dorsum. A short time later. 21 November got known as ‘Bloody Sunday’5. Grisly Sunday The Anglo-Irish War †1920 ( cont. ) 28 November - a winging segment drove by Tom Barry executed 18 auxilaries in an ambuscade at Kilmichael in west Cork. Soon after. counter was taken by the ignition of the Center of the city of Cork. December - the Government of Ireland Act set up Home Rule parliaments in Dublin and Belfast. Every parliament was given power over residential individual businesss. Sinn Fein dismissed it. This Act actualized the Partition of Ireland. The Anglo-Irish War †1921 25 May - the IRA consumed Dublin’s use house. where seven specialists areas were found. The assault prompted the picking up control or perish of in excess of 80 IRA work powers. 22 June. at the hole of the northern parliament at Stormount. Ruler George V claimed for a peace negotiation: Delay. to loosen up the manus of tolerance and placation. to excuse and cover. Ruler George V. 22 June. 1921 Old English Irish Treaty An Irish Free State ( Saorstat Eireann ) of 26 regions was built up The Irish area was a Dominion was still bit of the Commonwealth The British Monarch would remain as caput of territory and would be spoken to by the Governor-General The Royal Navy held control of the ports of Cobh. Berehaven and Lough Swilly The limit line between the Free State and Northern Ireland would be drawn up by a Boundary Commission Repercussions of the Anglo-Irish Treaty 1922: The Irish common war interferences out among genius and hostile to arrangement parties. Furnished gatherings crossed into Northern Ireland and assaulted British installings. They would have liked to pressure the British to surrender control of Northern Ireland. Today’s IRA comes from hostile to settlement powers. May 1923: The common war terminals and Northern Ireland was still segment of the United Kingdom. 1937: another principal law confirmed by the Irish specialists changes the name of the Irish Free State to Ireland. 1949: Ireland formally announces its independency from Britain. Ireland had cut all ties with the United Kingdom and turned into an autonomous popular government.

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How to Write an Essay - Global Regents Topics

How to Write an Essay - Global Regents TopicsA Thematic Essay or Global Regents Topics are related to every area of science and life that have a thematic central theme. They are used for conveying a message of political, historical, economical, scientific and social/ethical ideas. The authors usually present the main topic of their essay through an essay called the 'Granular Theme'. The essay is meant to be a humanist like in form.Themes like 'The Seven Laws of Success'The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse' etc. have thematic sense. However, the method is not always as it seems. It is just a kind of on-the-spot decision. And since there is no formalized process, one should always think whether the topic is suitable to write an essay in itself.There are several thematic essay which offer huge variety. In fact, the most popular thematic essay in the globe has been 'The End of History'. This essay is not only about current events but it explores different notions, principles and values as well.Common themes can be religion, politics, philosophy, environment, etc. One may feel very confused if he is asked to choose among several essays dealing with the same theme. But the best way to answer the question is to understand the nature of the topic thoroughly.There are some common questions that are asked by those who wish to write about thematic topics. These are: What is the primary theme of the essay? What is the aim of the essay? And what does it aim to communicate?Some of the thematic essays deal with the universal theme that can be classified in three broad groups. First, is the conception of the subject of a thesis or the novel; the second is the conclusion of the topic, which is the application of the theme in real life and the third is the synthesis of the topic in real life and philosophy.Before beginning to write an essay, the theme of the essay is conceptualized. Then the analytical method is used in selecting the key ideas and terms, and finally, the essay is written. Thus, an essay can be thought as a kind of personal expression of the writer.

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Essay Sample on “Why Did the United States Fail to Win the Vietnam War”

One can name a lot of reasons why the United States of America lost the famous Vietnam War. To my mind, one of the most important reasons was that as a nation, the USA has never waged a war conflict in such setting as the opponent country of that time. The point is that all challenges in the geographic settings, the accurate and proper identification of the enemy and the confusion of the overall message all contributed to the lack of solid concentration that ended up pretty sad. In other words, the premise of the basic mission and scope of what the real goal was in this war was never stated clear. The stated purpose of providing the South Vietnamese with assistance was never fully realized because of the South Vietnamese’s government corruption and a lack of capacity to assume a strong leadership in the war conflict. The whole new idea of removing illegitimate government has never been acknowledges to the fullest manner for the reason that many Vietnamese – North and So uth – began to resent the presence of the United States of America in the land. And to the final end, the idea of victory being defined by attrition in actual fact has never been totally resonated with Americans, who are now associating the Vietnam War with more cost, more death and more sacrifices than they were supposed to initially believe in. Thus, all these aspects led to an absolute failure in the campaign. However, we cannot leave behind all the other viewpoints. For example, it is highly important to mention that nowadays there are many veterans, who are ready to argue that the Vietnam War was never lost by the United States of America, rather this battle was lost two years after the country had left the war conflict in 1975 by the government and the Army of the South Vietnamese. As to my mind, I am not ready to absolutely agree with them. At the same time, I see what their point is. So, if I take this question from the angle of why the United States of America were not able to win this fight, a certain number of factors may be listed. Here are some of them that, as I believe, should come into play. First of all, the question is about distance. Let’s face it, the 10Â  000 miles supply line was absolutely inefficient and pretty costly. It alone could be a cause of a failure, but, nevertheless, there are much more. Second of all, motivation is highly important. VC and NVA troops had an exceptional motivation to continue the fight. At the same time, the Army of the South Vietnamese was not motivated at all. A lot of soldiers of the United States Army also had a core purpose of serving out their year in the USA and then getting back home. Third of all, the territory of Vietnam was a very hostile one for an invasion. The jungles and swamps of the country were perfectly known for the NVA and Vietcong, while Americans knew the terrain by reconnaissance photos and maps only. In other words, the Army of Vietnam had an opportunity to fight on home turf. And fourth of all, it is important to mention Guerrilla Tactics. The Army of Vietnam attacked the soldiers of the United States of America when they were absolutely isolated, then ran right into the jungle, set off nightmarish traps in order to simply bled American forces to death. They came out rarely to fight on the USA terms, spending most of the time sniping at the American soldiers.

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Analysis Of Fea Abaqus, Adaptive Mesh ( Ale ) Method

MN5561 FEA REPORT Student Number: 1337150 ABSTRACT In FEA ABAQUS, adaptive mesh (ALE) method is one of the most important elements to maintain a high-quality mesh throughout an analysis in a case that large deformation causes element distortion. The purpose of this master of engineering report is to use adaptive meshing in simulation of an axisymmetric forging problem where highly deformation was seen. Meanwhile, investigating results of elastic-plastic deformation simulation in FEA ABAQUS. Through finishing the simulation under different mesh sizes and mesh types in ABAQUS, rectangle type meshing is better for this forging problem and the best final element size is 3 mm (normal). 1. DESCRIPTION OF NUMERICAL SIMULATION 1.1†¦show more content†¦It is aimed to make one area with including the adaptive mesh (ALE) control effect. Figure 4: Dividing the blank for mesh With the sketch completed already, the assembly between the die and blank can be done quickly in assembly region through creating instances from parts region and translate them together to satisfy the Figure 1. It will be analysed as shown in Figure 5. Note that it is greatly significate to set a reference point for the die in the part model, which directly effects defining the boundary condition and success of the simulation in the end of the job model. Figure 5: the assembly between the die and blank 1.3 Applying the Material Properties The material properties for ASTM A285 Grade B Carbon Steel came from steel material properties databases on the MakeItFrom website. Table shown blow provides the mechanical properties also found in steel material properties databases. Tensile Strength(Ultimate) 420Mpa Tensile Strength(Yield) 200Mpa Density 7.84 kg/m^3 Poisson’s Rate 0.3 Young’s Modulus 210000Mpa Table 1: Mechanical Properties of ASTM A285 Grade B Carbon Steel To perform the elastic-plastic analysis, one material had to be created. This material has five physical properties that need to be applied to the test specimen which are Density, Young’s Modulus, Poisson’s Rate, Yield stress and

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All Animals are Created Equal free essay sample

This paper discusses animal rights causes. The author examines issues of animal equality and speciesism, and refutes arguments made by anti-animal rights groups. Getting animals to have basic rights is still a long ways away, but every little bit counts. As the animal rights movement becomes even more mainstream in the next 10 to 20 years, the idea that animals have some sort of rights will be commonplace (future speak 56). Americans have seen this social trend in many different ways. Common ideas today, like recycling and organic foods used to be uncommon, but today there are health food stores around every corner and recycling bins in every cafeteria. Once consumers take hold of the animal rights movement it will move along at a much quicker pace. Companies that believe animal rights activism will increase their sales, will be forced to conform. The most important question to remember about animals though, as Jeremy Bentham pointed out, is not can they reason or can they talk but, can they suffer?(Ryder 39)

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Written Statement free essay sample

The plaintiff is put to strict proof of one and all of the allegations in the plaint. 2. The suit is a most vocations action and an abuse of process of Court. The plaintiff has invented a cause of action to file this suit. 3. It is true to say that the plaintiff is a tenant of the suit property under the defendant. 4. The allegation in para 5 of the plaint stating that the plaintiff is not issuing receipts for the rent paid by the plaintiff is false and not correct. The plaintiff and her husband never demanded any enhanced rent The plaintiff is put to strict proof of the same. The defendant has issued receipts to the plaintiff for the rent whenever he has paid. The defendant has rightly refused the rent sent through money order which is not a valid tender. Further allegation of complaint to police or seeking the help of police to get possession of the suit property is not admitted. We will write a custom essay sample on Written Statement or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page It is false to state that the Police personal are threatening the plaintiff to vacate. 6. The allegations in para 7 of the plaint stating that the defendant and her hencement have got their own hencemen behind the police personnel are baseless and untenable. The defendant has not threatened the lplaintiff at any pint of time through police to vacate the plaintiff from the suit property be hook or cook as falsely alleged in the plaint. The plaintiff is put to strict proof of the same. There is no jurisdiction at all for the plaintiff to come forward with this suit. 7. The defendant submits, that she never attempted to disturb possession and enjoyment of the denied building by illegal methods. The defendant is prepared to contest any application under the Rent Control Act if and when taken against her. The defendant never proclaimed that she would throw away the plaintiff. There was no need or occasion for the plaintiff to file this suit. 8. The defendant further submits that the plaintiff had committed willful default in payment of rent. Anticipating that the defendant would take action against him, the plaintiff forestalled defendant’s action and has filed this suit and injunction petition with a view to course the defendant for terms. 9. The suit as well as the injection petition is not maintainable either in law or on facts. The plaintiff has not come forward with clear hands and there is absolutely no cause of action in this suit. 10. The defendant submits, that she never attempted to disturb the possession of the plaintiff and also undertakes not to dispossess the plaintiff otherwise than under due process of law. 1. There is absolutely no cause of action for the plaintiff to file this suit. The suit is not at all maintainable for want of a cause of action. It is therefore prayed that the suit may be dismissed with costs.

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Counting Crows essays

Counting Crows essays I love music. It opens up a world to me unlike any other. The lyrics music contains seems to talk to me in a very different way, allowing me to walk into another individuals world of emotions. I believe song lyrics can give you not only a sense of feeling for how an individual views issues in their lives, but what their true feelings on the situations are. You can learn, by listening to the words and the phrases, what exactly it is the individual is trying to tell you. Many times on our listserv, various Counting Crows song lyrics have been discussed at some point or another by us all. It seems everybody on this list spends so much time talking about what it is this lyric means, and how beautiful various phrases are. Well, have we ever taken time to stop and think about where these lyrics come from? What has always seemed so odd to me is the fact that we all put so much thought into how lovely their song lyrics are, yet so little into the thoughts and emotions behind them. I believe the music performed by the Counting Crows contains many interesting lyrics. Issues such as love, loss, and life issues in general, seem to just jump out of their lyrics. Because of the connection I perceive from the Counting Crows music, I have recently came under the impression that their music contains more personal experience than some may think. Often in our culture poppy, upbeat tunes are created with catchy lyrics to lure us in. These songs contain lyrics which draw us into believing that how they think a certain situation would be is how a certain situation should be played out, or how it should feel. I believe that the lyrics contained in the Counting Crows music make us feel and connect the way they do due to the fact that they are all real feeling and events. One of the band members must have felt these situations described in the songs for otherwise how is it their lyrics come across so meaningful and realistic? After playing thei...

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Nokia's Marketing Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Nokia's Marketing - Case Study Example The report tries to understand the effects globalisation and the economic downturn have on this organisation. The theories and practices related to marketing during an economic downturn are delved into while trying to examine how the organisation responds and deals with the challenges this situation poses. An organisation has to resort to several drastic and innovative measures to survive, maintain and thrive during a period of economic slump. The report examines the strategies adopted by Nokia to sustain during this time. The theories related to globalisation have also been studied with particular reference to Nokia and the process by which and the extent to which the company has undergone internationalisation and the global marketing strategies adopted by the company. The issues of globalisation and economic slump inter-react in different ways and the consequences are varied for different industries and different organisations. While the combined impact of globalisation and the economic downturn is extremely adverse for many organisations in several sectors, it has been possible for some organisations in some sectors to take advantage of globalisation to sail through the storms of recession. The report looks into how Nokia has tried to utilise the advantages of one for withstanding the impact of the other. "When the economy heads south, marketing lands on the chopping block" ("Marketing during a downturn," 2008, p.4). During a financial crunch, it is the marketing budget that gets cut first. At the time of presentation of the report, 60% of the large companies were expecting to cut down, if not already done so, their marketing expenditure. The contingent strategy adopted here is shifting from traditional marketing to online marketing whereby the companies are spending more on direct marketing while spending less on branding. Moreover, several marketing professionals feel that it is needless to spend separately on branding and direct marketing, as these goals can be achieved together. Larger companies, which provide larger budgets for marketing, also make the larger cuts during an economic downturn. Smaller companies, which do not have a considerable budget for marketing, obviously do not and cannot resort to any significant degree of cuts in their marketing budgets ("Marketing during a downturn," 2008, p.5). On the other hand, when the buying patterns are not affected much, the marketing budgets may not be slashed. However, in such cases, keeping direct expenditure on the media the same, the budget on marketing overheads that do not directly translate into revenue may be slashed. Companies going through a stage of growth may not cut down on marketing as acquiring their share of the market is crucial for them at this stage. Besides, there are also marketing professionals who opine that it is damaging for companies to cut back during difficult times, as marketing can help companies gain a larger voice and make themselves heard better in the marketplace during diffi cult times when their competitors are cutting back ("Marketing during a downturn," 2008, p.8). At a time, when the consumers are not willing to spend money on anything that is not an absolute necessity, it would be beneficial to stress on the value of the product and the cost savings associated with buying it. Giving products at lower prices, giving longer free trial periods, giving money back guarantees and such other risk-free

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Objectives of Accounting Information System, Internal and External Essay

Objectives of Accounting Information System, Internal and External Transactions, Peachtree Exercise - Essay Example In the same manner, changes and improvement in accounting too, are continually being made, in the process of business information. "A systematic record of the daily (and hourly) events of a business leading to the presentation of a complete financial picture is known as accounting, in its elementary stage, as BOOK KEEPING." ----- M.C. Shukla. "Book-Keeping is the science of recording transactions in money or money's worth in such a manner that at any subsequent date, the nature and effect of each transaction, and the combined effect of all the transactions may be clearly understood, so that the accounts prepared at any time from the records thus kept, may show the owner of the books his true financial position"----- L.C. Cropper. Those who invest their capital and devote their efforts in business expect that they will receive a return in the form of profit. Moreover, they employ managers in the business it is the duty of the managers to maximize profit and to minimize losses. In order to maximize profits and to minimize losses there must be proper record of all events and transactions of the business so that at the end of a period, the owner of the business can have knowledge about:- Each and every transaction affects the basic of accounting equation. ... 2. To keep an eye on each and every tangible and intangible asset. 3. To ascertain the working results from the written records of transactions, i.e., whether profit or loss has incurred after a prescribed reasonable period. 4. To ascertain the financial position of the business on the last date or at the end of a period in terms of assets and liabilities. 5. The help and guide the management of the business enterprises to make decisions from the historical data of accounting of the past. 6. To help and guide the management of the business to determine their policies for the current period and for future, in short and long terms. NEED OF BUSINESS RECORDS Those who invest their capital and devote their efforts in business expect that they will receive a return in the form of profit. Moreover, they employ managers in the business it is the duty of the managers to maximize profit and to minimize losses. In order to maximize profits and to minimize losses there must be proper record of all events and transactions of the business so that at the end of a period, the owner of the business can have knowledge about:- 1. The gross profits on purchases and sales of merchandise. 2. The net profit or loss after checking of all paid or accrued expenses, usage of different assets. 3. The cost of assets in detail and total of all assets. 4. The liability of business including accrued. 5. The amount of investment at the end of the period. In a nut-shell the owner can see the report of his business after a certain period at a glance and can judge progress of his business. WHAT IS TRANSACTION Any exchange of values is called "transaction" such as a) Purchase of Merchandise, Land, Building, and Furniture on cash. b) Purchase of Merchandise, Plant, Furniture

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Nutrition - Food Essay Example for Free

Nutrition Food Essay In our today’s society, especially western countries, the issue of fast food seems to be at the top of every health related debate. As these debates become more controversial, the question of who bears the responsibility remains unanswered. In his essay, Don’t Blame the Eater, David Zinczenko attempts to answer this key question by placing the greater responsibility of America’s obesity and other fast food related health issues on the fast food industries. Contrary to Zinczenko’s argument, Raldy Balko, in his essay, What You Eat Is Your Business, states that, people should take ownership of their health and well-being, and are therefore responsible for what and how they eat. Although both Zinczenko and Balko address the issue of responsibility, though with contrast, but valid arguments, Zinczenko seems to present a more convincing argument due to the way in which he explains the politics of food, the way in which our lifestyles are altered by what we eat, and things we can do to change the way we see food and its role in our lives. Although Zinczenko hold consumers responsible to an extent, he blames the fast food industries for the rising rate of obesity and other health issues related to fast food due to their failure to provide labels for their products. Zinczenko convincingly supports his claim by noting statistical data that shows the rise in money spent to treat diabetes. â€Å"Before 1994, diabetes in children was generally caused by a genetic disorder only 5 percent of childhood cases were obesity related, or Type 2 diabetes. Today, according to the National Institutes of Health, Type 2 diabetes accounts for at least 30 percent of all new childhood cases of diabetes in this country†(Zinczenko 392). He argues that, if the fast food companies are regulated so that they are responsible for their food contents, by providing proper labels, than consumers will make informed food choices. Contrary to Zinczenko, Balko argues that what one eats should be a matter of personal responsibility. To Balko’s credit, I believe that people should take personal responsibility for their health by adding a sensible diet and exercise to their routines. Where I differ from Balko is when he says that government restrictions on food are a result of people making poor food choices. According to Balko, â€Å"a society where everyone is responsible for everyone else’s well-being is a society more apt to accept government restrictions† (397). I think Balko’s argument in this regard, is a selfish one, and is an attempt to exempt the rich from paying their fair share of taxes that would otherwise benefit the poor or some middle families who cannot afford the high cost of health insurance. Both Zinczenko and Balko seem to agree on the rising health costs that are somehow a result of fast food, these two authors seem to differ on reasons. Zinczenko argues that health care cost is on the rise because of diseases caused by fast food due to the failure of fast food companies to provide labels and that consumers should not be blame for it. However, Balko argues that it is so that, we allow the â€Å"government to come between us and our waistline† (396). Balko states that, the more the government continues to fund health issues that are direct attribute of poor food/health choices, the more people will continue to dine on fast food and engage not in an effective diet and exercise regimen. (398) The growth of the fast food industry and the rate at which fast food is consumed is so fast, and its accompanying risks of obesity and related cardiovascular diseases have become a societal epidemic. Zinczenko blames the fast food industries for the spring in the rate to which obesity have grown in the United States. Even though Zinczenko is right about the rising rate of obesity, and that the consumption of fast food forms part of its etiology, the thesis of his argument cannot be proven and therefore cannot form the basis for his claims against the fast food companies since there are other contributing factors regarding the cause, onset, and progression of obesity. Obesity is also biologically linked. These biological attributors include: genetics, hormones, enzymes, and vitamins and minerals. Some people have fat in their genes that, no matter what they do, they are just fat. Others have issues with hormonal imbalances and or inadequate enzymatic actions that would aid in the adequate digestion and absorption of certain foods. Fast food is just one of the many environmental attributes associated with obesity. So Zinczenko can accurately make his case against the fast food industries for providing labels so as to enable consumers make informed food choices and not a case of obesity. Sometimes, people are too fast to pass judgment on others, especially people that are obese. I am equally guilty of the accusation myself. I work as a nurse at a nursing home facility and, in most cases, when staff member comes to me complaining of headache, first thing I say to them is; let’s check your blood pressure and, God forbid, the blood pressure is elevated, or if that person just look fat to me, my next comment is, it is because of all the junk you eat. My judgment, though may be incorrect, is based on the fact that most of these staff members are single parents, live in inner cities, and have a total commute time of two hours to and from work. Not to mention, some of them have more than one job. However, these people are being made to feel guilty about something that is totally out their control. In most instances, their wages aren’t even enough to meet up with their rents and utilities bills. Fast food comes handy in such instance where one can spend ten dollars and get ten cheeseburgers to feed a family of three to five versus going to the grocery store where each healthy ingredient is almost equivalent to the price of the entire dinner comprising of fast food. People fall back on fast food because it is cheap. Zinczenko explains that his parents were split up and that he had to live with his mother who worked long hours just to make the monthly bills. â€Å"Lunch and dinner, for me, was a daily choice between McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken or Pizza Hut. † (Zinczenko 391). In Zinczenko’s case, his lifestyle is altered because fast food is his only option since his family is dysfunctional. His single mother has to work very hard to pay bills and provide him a meal. It doesn’t matter the kind of meal. A meal is a meal, especially for someone who doesn’t have the time to prepare a home cooked meal. The people afflicted with fast food related obesity are not to blame for what they eat because they have very little or no options regarding what they eat due to all of the above reasons. However, to Balko’s point, while people may not have the option about what they eat, they have the option to control how they eat. Zinczenko states in his essay that fast food is â€Å"the only available options for an American kid to get an affordable meal†, and so, he urges his readers not to â€Å"blame the Eater† (392). But as with Zinczenko, we are well aware of the role fast food play in our lives. We understand that, though fast may be one, or the only available meal choice that we have, the way we eat can help us determine the role these foods play in our lives. Zinczenko supports his argument about the role food play in his life by giving information about his pre-college weight. â€Å"By age 15, I had packed 212 pounds of torpid tallow on my once lanky 5-foot-10 frame† (392). Even Zinczenko believes that, consumers are as equally responsible for the way they eat. However, he maintains his argument that the fast food companies bare the greater responsibility. In conclusion, both the eater and the producer are responsible for fast food related obesity, but I believe that the fast industries should bare the greater responsibility. Fast food companies must provide their consumers with proper food labels that enable them to make inform decision about what they eat. Label should not be falsified or misleading, like in the example giving by Zinczenko about the misleading label on the â€Å"chicken salad† (393). He refers to the salad as not healthy and that it is a caloric death- trap aimed at eaters who will not suspect it. Although Balko makes some really good points, his objectives seem to me as a means to an end. Zinczenko cautions that there are few or no alternatives to what we eat and that things have to change. Balko cautions that allowing food regulations for labels means letting the government between you and your waistline. In either case, we as a people have a responsibility to consider what and how we eat.

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The Character of Cyrano De Bergerac :: Cyrano Bergerac

The Character of Cyrano De Bergerac A man who knows every thing, has never ending wit and charm, and has a way with words like none other, but is still to horrid to convey his true feelings to a beautiful woman. This poor but yet amazing man is Cyrano from the play "Cyrano De Bergerac" by Edmond Rostand. This man has more intellect than sand in a desert and is the most courageous Gascon of all. Yet he has one tragic physical flaw. He has an enormous nose, of which he is very self conscious about and only he can talk about it. If any one else has anything to say about it the better say something very witty or there done for. All of this is portrayed in one of Cyrano's speeches on page 40-41. The speech reveals how clever and smart he is when he says things like "what a sign for a perfume shop" (41) and "Is that a conch, and are you Triton rising from the sea?"(41). Cyrano reveals a lot about himself in his speech like how intelligent he is to use such big intellectual words off the top of his head. Cyrano uses phrases like "The end of it must get wet when you drink from a cup. Why don't you use a tankard?"(40) And words like Grandiloquent to show off his wit. Most people in that age weren't educated as well as Cyrano was and that showed a lot when he spoke. Not many people in the room knew that grandiloquent meant pretentious or non straight forward. Aristophanes was also another word that no one ever used or knew what it meant. Cyrano also revealed that he had no patience for people that made fun of, or picked on those that were less fortunate. Cyrano thought as himself as less fortunate to have a nose like his. So when people made fun of it he got very angry but yet he never lost his cool. So Cyrano would just take care of business with the bully in a entertaining manner and then be on his way. In his speech he showed his willingness to fight and his aptitude to make people mad at him.

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Carrefour Case Analysis

The purpose of this analysis is to highlight how Carrefour has financed its growth over the last four years i. e. 1968 through 1971 with the help of the Statement of Sources and Uses (Exhibit 1). In addition, the financing needs for the projected growth of the company will be reported and analyzed briefly. For this purpose Pro-forma Income Statements (Exhibit 2) and Pro-forma Balance Sheets (Exhibit 3) have been prepared for the next four years (1972 through 1975). From 1968 to 1971, Carrefour has used trade notes extensively as a source of cash. Other significant sources of funds are Other Current Liabilities, Accounts Payable, Shareholder's Equity and Long term debt. Most of the sources have been utilized to fund Building and also to generate more cash for the firm. A good portion of the sources have also been used to create more Inventories from 1968 to 1971. Land has been acquired during these four years as also other fixed assets and current assets. As is seen from the Pro-forma Balance Sheet, Carrefour would have to take significant amounts of Long Term Debt(at 10% Interest rate) in order to finance its expansion outside France. According to the projections, LT Debt would have to be increased to around 89% from 1971 to 1972 and 96% from 1972 to 1973 respectively. This means Carrefour would also have to pay huge amounts of interest on these debts. With revenue growth of 35% Carrefour would be able to support its debt and still earn fair amounts of profit including dividend payouts. However, huge amount of debt and interest expense might be risky and could lead to negative earnings if the actual revenue growth falls below the expected value of 35%. Exhibit 1 CARREFOUR STATEMENT OF SOURCES AND USES – 1968 to 1971 | |Â   |1968 |1971 |Change |Source/Use | |Intangible Assets |0 |1 |1 |Use | |Land |14 |28 |14 |Use | |Buildings & Equipment |50 |202 |152 |Use | |Other Fixed Assets 21 |49 |28 |Use | |Total Fixed Assets |85 |279 |194 | | | less: Depreciation |10 |63 |53 |Source | |Net Fixed Assets |75 |216 |141 | | |Investments & Advances |5 |19 |14 |Use | |Inventory |30 |107 |77 |Use | |Acounts Receivable |2 | 4 |2 |Use | |Other Current Assets |58 |124 |66 |Use | |Cash |18 |151 |133 |Use | |Total Current Assets |108 |386 |278 | | |TOTAL ASSETS |188 |622 |434 | | | | | | | | |Shareholders' Equity |39 |112 |73 |Source | |Special Provisions |0 |1 |1 |Source | |Long-term Debt |26 |64 |38 |Source | |Accounts Payable |0 |77 |77 |Source | |Trades notes (noninterest) |100 |244 |144 |Source | |Other Current Liabilities |23 |124 |101 |Source | |Total Current Liabilities |123 |445 |322 | | |TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY |188 |621 |433 | | | | | | | | |Master Check(Sources-Uses) |Â   |Â   |0 | | Exhibit 2 CARREFOUR PROFORMA INCOME STATEMENT |Past 3 yr avg of % of sales taken for| | |all items except Revenues and Int | | |Rates | | |Actual | |Actual |Actual |Actual |Actual |Pro Forma |Pro Forma |Pro Forma |Pro Forma | | | |1968 |1969 |1970 |1971 |1972 |1973 |1974 |1975 | | |Intangible Assets |0 |4 |1 |1 |5 |7 |9 |12 |0. 004 |0. 001 |0. 000 |0. 002 | |Land |14 |20 |25 |28 |50 |67 |90 |122 |0. 020 |0. 017 |0. 013 |0. 016 | |Buildings & Equipment |50 |82 |136 |202 |266 |359 |485 |654 |0. 080 |0. 094 |0. 090 |0. 88 | |Other Fixed Assets |21 |38 |52 |49 |95 |129 |174 |235 |0. 037 |0. 036 |0. 022 |0. 032 | |Total Fixed Assets |85 |140 |213 |279 |411 |555 |749 |1011 | | | | | |less: Depreciation |10 |22 |35 |63 |97 |142 |204 |287 |0. 100 |0. 069 |0. 112 |0. 094 | |Net Fixed Assets |75 |118 |178 |216 |314 |412 |545 |724 | | | | | |Investments & Advances |5 |10 |12 |19 |27 |36 |49 |66 |0. 010 |0. 008 |0. 009 |0. 009 | |Inventory |30 |65 |72 |107 |162 |219 |295 |399 | | | | | |Acounts Receivable |2 |2 |3 |4 |6 |8 |11 |14 |0. 002 |0. 002 |0. 002 |0. 002 | |Other Current Assets |58 |50 |75 |124 |157 |212 |286 |386 |0. 049 |0. 052 |0. 056 |0. 052 | |Cash |18 |51 |116 |151 |199 |268 |362 |489 |0. 050 |0. 080 |0. 068 |0. 66 | |Total Current Assets |108 |168 |266 |386 |524 |707 |954 |1288 | | | | | |TOTAL ASSETS |188 |300 |457 |622 |870 |1162 |1557 |2090 | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |Shareholders' Equity |39 |89 |98 |112 |206 |278 |375 |507 |0. 087 |0. 068 |0. 050 |0. 068 | |Special Provisions |0 |0 |1 |1 |1 |2 |2 |3 |0. 000 |0. 001 |0. 000 |0. 000 | |Long-term Debt |26 |25 |64 |64 |121 |237 |393 |605 | | | | | |Accounts Payable |0 |48 |61 |77 |124 |168 |226 |305 |0. 047 |0. 042 |0. 034 |0. 041 | |Trades notes (noninterest) |100 |79 |147 |244 |244 |244 |244 |244 | | | | | |Other Current Liabilities |23 |59 |86 |124 |173 |234 |316 |427 |0. 058 |0. 060 |0. 056 |0. 058 | |Total Current Liabilities |123 |186 |294 |445 |542 |646 |786 |976 | | | | | |TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY |188 |300 |457 |622 |870 |1162 |1557 |2090 | | | |

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Cell Biology Thesis On Hiv / Aids - 2976 Words

Cell Biology Thesis on HIV/Aids Thesis statement: HIV infected cells destroys the bodies’ white blood cells, affecting ones immune system and in turn altering patient’s lifestyle choices and circumstances. My chosen Cell Biology thesis is based entirely on HIV/Aids and the fact that society tends to overlook/disregard the severity of this very serious health issue. HIV/Aids does not allow patients to live a normal life because being diagnosed with the disease is a total life changing experience that forces people out of their usual routines and into brand new, unfamiliar daily customs. There are many reasons as to why diagnosed patients do not lead a normal life. I intend on using this opportunity in writing a very vivid thesis to explain and examine why living with HIV/Aids alters ones entire universe, I will refer mainly to cell degeneration and degradation, life threatening symptoms or diagnosis, statistics, STDs, STIs, prevention, treatments, environmental influence and effects, HIV symptoms timeline, difference between normal cells and infected cells, infectivity and patient lifestyle. The phrase ‘normal life’ has been numerously used when referring to a deadly disease that is famously known as HIV/Aids. This social stereotype that is attached to people living with HIV/Aids is incorrect as many people surviving with the infection have acquired an entirely new, abnormal, fragile and very rare way of living. ‘Normal life’, one would typically define a normal life asShow MoreRelatedThe Effects of Socio-Economic Status on Students Achievements in Biology13494 Words   |  54 Pagesseries of socio-economic and educational measures but these have not improved the socio-economic status of families in the country. It’s within this situation that this study examine the correlates of socio-economic status and students achievement in biology in few selected public and private schools in Ifako-ijaye Local government area of Lagos A person’s education is closely link to his chances, income, and well being (Battle Lewis 2002).Therefore it is important to have a clear understanding ofRead MoreWhy Homosexuality Is Abnormal And Homes11892 Words   |  48 Pagessurvival of the gene that codes for it - the gene would survive by expressing the correlate - and would therefore serve no function. Homosexuality would be a side-effect fatal to any gene that coded for it alone, resembling genetic diseases like sickle-cell anemia, which has survived because its gene also confers immunity to malaria. Homosexuality would also retain its negative aspect, on the pleiotropy hypothesis, since maladaptive side-effects are not expected to be reinforcing. Enjoyment of homosexualityRead MoreStatement of Purpose23848 Words   |  96 Pagesstrategies, motivation, and a good instructor to help students to overcome the sense of alienation toward a new language or culture. My teachers started our English education by teaching the alphabets and phonetic symbols. Interesting games, colorful visual aids, or strategies were used to help raise our interest in learning English and the new culture. Some activities worked and indeed helped us a lot in training the so-called ―four skillsâ€â€" of a language; however, others failed. Frankly speaking, though IRead MoreImpatiens Balsamina Linn. (Kamantigue) Flower Extract: a Potential Antifungal Agent for Candida Albicans and Trichophyton Mentagrophytes8638 Words   |  35 PagesImpatiens balsamina Linn. (Kamantigue) Flower Extract: A Potential Antifungal Agent for Candida albicans and Trichophyton mentagrophytes A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of the College of Medical Technology Unciano Colleges Inc-Antipolo In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Degree Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology By: Bernardo, Reynalyn Cruz, Nor Rizsellito Lagman, Joyce Anne Leonor, Zheidi Ann Mari Samson, Danica November 2012 ABSTRACT This study was conducted to determineRead MoreChina in Africa Essay20116 Words   |  81 Pagesdominated by overlapping and communal use. A ‘clarification’ of rights in such circumstances would be highly risky and might end up increasing the conflict level in the country. This happened in Cà ´te d’Ivoire, where the government supported by French aid and the World Bank implemented a new rural land law in the late 990s that played a role in the outbreak of civil war in the country. The law requires the registration of all rural land. In the process of clarification of land rights, secondary usersRead MoreInternational Management67196 Words   |  269 Pagesshort exercises that can be used in class to reinforce both the substantive topic and students’ skills in negotiation, presentation, and analysis. The cases have been extensively updated and several are new to this edition. Cases concerning the global AIDS epidemic, HSBC, Nike, Walmart, Tata, AirAsia, S ony, Danone, Chiquita, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and others are unique to this book and specifically to this edition. Of course, instructors also have access to Create (www.mcgraw-hillcreate. com), McGraw-Hill’sRead More7 Megatrends 203026297 Words   |  106 Pages- ­ 5. Socialism - ­ 6. Communism Hegel: Thesis, antithesis, synthesis LINEAR STEPWISE IN WAVES Kondratiev: Long waves (S- ­shaped, technology- ­driven cycles of modern capitalism that last decades) Business cycles: Economic ups and downs, labor markets, interest rates, stock markets Religious beliefs of reincarnation The eradication of existing epidemics and illnesses (e.g. plague, smallpox) and the appearance of new ones (e.g. HIV, swine flu) CIRCULAR STIMULUS- ­ DRIVEN Read MoreLogical Reasoning189930 Words   |  760 Pagesthe last minute. The three of you are thirsty and have only dehydrated food left, except for four apples. You wish you had bothered to haul in that twelve-pack of Dr. Pepper you decided to leave in the car’s trunk. What do you do? Nobody brought cell phones. You could yell, but that is unlikely to help; you havent seen any other hikers since the trip began. You try yelling, but all you get is an echo. You briefly think about snow, but realize there isnt any. Emilio says he has an idea: BoilRead MoreExploring Corporate Strategy - Case164366 Words   |  658 Pagessurprising that growth in generics outstripped overall market growth from 2002 to 2005. A new type of industry player appeared in the 1980s – small biotechnology start-ups backed by venture capital to exploit the myriad opportunities created by molecular biology and genetic engineering. Initially, biotechs were associated with ‘biopharmaceutical’ agents, for example recombinant insulin, the industry’s ï ¬ rst product, launched in 1982. Biopharmaceuticals have very speciï ¬ c effects (with arguably greater safety)